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FCC 17.23
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Sec. 17.23  Specifications for painting and lighting antenna structures.

    Unless otherwise specified by the Commission, each new or altered 
antenna structure to be registered on or after July 1, 1996, must 
conform to the FAA's painting and lighting recommendations set forth on 
the structure's FAA determination of ``no hazard,'' as referenced in the 
following FAA Advisory Circulars: AC 70/7460-1H, ``Obstruction Marking 
and Lighting,'' August 1, 1991, as amended by Change 2, July 15, 1992, 
and AC 150/5345-43D, ``Specification for Obstruction Lighting 
Equipment,'' July 15, 1988. These documents are incorporated by 
reference in accordance with 5 U.S.C. 552(a) and 1 CFR part 51. The 
documents contain FAA recommendations for painting and lighting 
structures which pose a potential hazard to air navigation. For purposes 
of this part, the specifications, standards, and general requirements 
stated in these documents are mandatory. The Advisory Circulars listed 
above are available for inspection at the Commission Headquarters in 
Washington, DC, 2025 M Street NW., room 8112, or at the Office of the 
Federal Register, 800 North Capitol Street, NW., room 700, Washington, 
DC., or may be obtained from Department of Transportation, Utilization 
and Storage Section (Publications), M443.2, 400 7th Street SW., 
Washington, DC 20590, telephone (202) 366-0039 or (202) -0451.
[61 366 FR 4363 , Feb. 6, 1996]

              Aviation Red Obstruction Lighting  [Reserved]

Secs. 17.24-17.38  [Reserved]

                High Intensity White Obstruction Lighting

    Note: When authorized by the Commission, high intensity white 
obstruction lighting will be used in lieu of obstruction marking and 
lighting specified in Secs. 17.23 through 17.37.
    In general, the number of levels of high intensity lighting 
specified is dependent upon the overall height of the skeletal frame or 
comparable main support structure, excluding antennas or similar 
appurtenances. A white capacitor discharge omnidirectional light is 
mounted on or adjacent to the appurtenance, if more than 6.10 meters (20 
feet), to complement the lighting system.
    Where a dual lighting system is employed, i.e., high intensity white 
obstruction lighting during daylight and red obstruction lighting at 
night, the omnidirectional high intensity light, if equipped with an 

[[Page 682]]

red color filter for nighttime illumination, may be used in lieu of the 
300 mm top beacon specified in Sec. 17.24(a) and paragraph (a)(1) in 
Secs. 17.25 through 17.37.

Secs. 17.39-17.43  [Reserved]

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