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FCC 17.48
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Sec. 17.48  Notification of extinguishment or improper functioning of 

    The owner of any antenna structure which is registered with the 
Commission and has been assigned lighting specifications referenced in 
this part:
    (a) Shall report immediately by telephone or telegraph to the 
nearest Flight Service Station or office of the Federal Aviation 
Administration any observed or otherwise known extinguishment or 
improper functioning of any top steady burning light or any flashing 
obstruction light, regardless of its position on the antenna structure, 
not corrected within 30 minutes. Such reports shall set forth the 
condition of the light or lights, the circumstances which caused the 
failure, the probable date for restoration of service, the FCC Antenna 
Structure Registration Number, the height of the structure (AGL and AMSL 
if known) and the name, title, address, and telephone number of the 
person making the report. Further notification by telephone or telegraph 
shall be given immediately upon resumption of normal operation of the 
light or lights.
    (b) An extinguishment or improper functioning of a steady burning 
side intermediate light or lights, shall be corrected as soon as 
possible, but notification to the FAA of such extinguishment or improper 
functioning is not required.
[ 32 FR 11273 , Aug. 3, 1967, as amended at  39 FR 26157 , July 17, 1974;  40 FR 30267 , July 18, 1975;  61 FR 4364 , Feb. 6, 1996]

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Goto Year: 1996 | 1998
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