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FCC 52.13
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Sec. 52.13  North American Numbering Plan Administrator.

    (a) The North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA) shall be 
an independent and impartial non-government entity.
    (b) The duties of the NANPA shall include, but are not limited to:
    (1) Ensuring that the interests of all NANP member countries are 
    (2) Processing number assignment applications associated with, but 
not limited to: area codes, N11 codes, carrier identification codes 
(CICs), ``500'' central office codes, ``900'' central office codes, 
``456'' central office codes, Signalling System 7 network codes, and 
Automatic Number Identification Integration Integers (ANI II);
    (3) Assigning the numbers and codes described in paragraph (b)(2) of 
this section;
    (4) Maintaining and monitoring administrative number databases;
    (5) Assuming additional telecommunications number administration 
activities, as assigned; and
    (6) Ensuring that any action taken with respect to number 
administration is consistent with this part.

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Goto Year: 1996 | 1998
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