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FCC 52.15
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Goto Year:1996 | 1998
Sec. 52.15  Central office code administration.

    (a) Central Office Code Administration shall be performed by the 
NANPA, or another entity or entities, as designated by the Commission.
    (b) Duties of the entity or entities performing central office code 
administration may include, but are not limited to:
    (1) Processing central office code assignment applications and 
assigning such codes in a manner that is consistent with this part;
    (2) Accessing and maintaining central office code assignment 
    (3) Contributing to the CO Code Use Survey (COCUS), an annual survey 
that describes the present and projected use of CO codes for each NPA in 
the NANP;

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    (4) Monitoring the use of central office codes within each area code 
and forecasting the date by which all central office codes within that 
area code will be assigned; and
    (5) Planning for and initiating area code relief, consistent with 
Sec. 52.19.
    (c) Any telecommunications carrier performing central office code 
    (1) Shall not charge fees for the assignment or use of central 
office codes to other telecommunications carriers, including paging and 
CMRS providers, unless the telecommunications carrier assigning the 
central office code charges one uniform fee for all carriers, including 
itself and its affiliates; and
    (2) Shall, consistent with this subpart, apply identical standards 
and procedures for processing all central office code assignment 
requests, and for assigning such codes, regardless of the identity of 
the telecommunications carrier making the request.

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Goto Year: 1996 | 1998
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