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FCC 76.615
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Sec. 76.615  Notification requirements.

    All cable television operators shall comply with each of the 
following notification requirements:
    (a) The operator of the cable system shall notify the Commission 
annually of all signals carried in the aeronautical radio frequency 
bands, noting the

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type of information carried by the signal (television picture, aural, 
pilot carrier, or system control, etc.) The timely filing of FCC Form 
325, Schedule 2, will meet this requirement.
    (b) The operator of a cable system shall notify the Commission 
before transmitting any carrier or other signal component with an 
average power level across a 25 kHz bandwidth in any 160 microsecond 
time period equal to or greater than 10-4 watts at any point 
in the cable distribution system on any new frequency or frequencies in 
the aeronautical radio frequency bands. Such notification shall include:
    (1) Legal name and local address of the cable television operator;
    (2) The names and FCC identifiers (e.g. CA0001) of the system 
communities affected;
    (3) The names and telephone numbers of local system officials who 
are responsible for compliance with Secs. 76.610, 76.611 (effective July 
1, 1990), and 76.612 through 76.616 of the Rules;
    (4) Carrier and subcarrier frequencies and tolerance, types of 
modulation and the maximum average power levels of all carriers and 
subcarriers occurring at any location in the cable distribution system.
    (5) The geographical coordinates of a point near the center of the 
cable system, together with the distance (in kilometers) from the 
designated point to the most remote point of the cable plant, existing 
or planned, which defines a circle enclosing the entire cable plant;
    (6) A description of the routine monitoring procedure to be used; 
    (7) For cable operators subject to Sec. 76.611 (effective July 1, 
1990), the cumulative signal leakage index derived under 
Sec. 76.611(a)(1) (effective July 1, 1990) or the results of airspace 
measurements derived under Sec. 76.611(a)(2) (effective July 1, 1990), 
including a description of the method by which compliance with basic 
signal leakage criteria is achieved and the method of calibrating the 
measurement equipment. This information shall be provided to the 
Commission prior to July 1, 1990 and each calendar year thereafter.

[ 50 FR 29400 , July 19, 1985]

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Goto Year: 1996 | 1998
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