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FCC 76.938
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Sec. 76.938  Proprietary information.

    A franchising authority may require the production of proprietary 
information to make a rate determination in those cases where cable 
operators have submitted initial rates, or have proposed rate increases, 
pursuant to an FCC Form 393 (and/or FCC Forms 1200/1205) filing or a 
cost-of-service showing. The franchising authority shall state a 
justification for each item of information requested and, where related 
to an FCC Form 393 (and/or FCC Forms 1200/1205) filing, indicate the 
question or section of the form to which the request specifically 
relates. Upon request to the franchising authority, the parties to a 
rate proceeding shall have access to such information, subject to the 
franchising authority's procedures governing non-disclosure by the 
parties. Public access to such proprietary information shall be governed 
by applicable state or local law.

[ 59 FR 17973 , Apr. 15, 1994]

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