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FCC 76.951
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Sec. 76.951  Standard complaint form; other filing requirements.

    (a) Any complaint regarding a cable operator's rate for cable 
programming service or associated equipment must be filed using standard 
complaint form, FCC 329.
    (b) The following information must be provided on the standard 
complaint form:
    (1) The name, mailing address and phone number of the franchising 
authority that is filing the complaint;
    (2) The name, mailing address, and FCC community unit identifier of 
the relevant cable operator;
    (3) A description of the cable programming service or associated 
equipment involved and, if applicable, how the service or associated 
equipment has changed;
    (4) The current rate for the cable programming service or associated 
equipment at issue and, if the complainant is challenging the 
reasonableness of a rate increase, the most recent rate for the service 
or associated equipment immediately prior to the rate increase;
    (5) If the complainant is filing a corrected complaint, an 
indication of the date the complainant filed the prior complaint and the 
date the complainant received notification from the Commission that the 
prior complaint was defective;
    (6) A certification that a copy of the complaint, including all 
attachments, is being served contemporaneously via certified mail on the 
cable operator;
    (7) An indication that the complainant franchising authority 
received more than one subscriber complaint within 90 days of the 
operator's imposition of the rate in question; and
    (8) A certification that, to the best of the complainant's 
knowledge, the information provided on the form is true and correct.

[ 61 FR 18979 , Apr. 30, 1996]

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