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FCC 13.19
Revised as of October 1, 2008
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  Sec.  13.19   Operator's responsibility.

   (a) The operator responsible for maintenance of a transmitter may permit
   other persons to adjust that transmitter in the operator's presence for the
   purpose of carrying out tests or making adjustments requiring specialized
   knowledge or skill, provided that he or she shall not be relieved thereby
   from responsibility for the proper operation of the equipment.

   (b) In every case where a station operating log or service and maintenance
   log is required, the operator responsible for the station operation or
   maintenance  shall make the required entries in the station log. If no
   station log is required, the operator responsible for service or maintenance
   duties which may affect the proper operation of the station shall sign and
   date an entry in the station maintenance records giving:

   (1) Pertinent details of all service and maintenance work performed by the
   operator or conducted under his or her supervision;

   (2) His or her name and address; and

   (3) The class, serial number and expiration date of the license when the FCC
   has issued the operator a license, or the PPC serial number(s) and date(s)
   of issue when the operator is awaiting FCC action on an application.

   (c) When the operator is on duty and in charge of transmitting systems, or
   performing service, maintenance or inspection functions, the license or
   permit document, or a photocopy thereof, or a copy of the application and
   PPC(s) received by the FCC, must be posted or in the operator's personal
   possession,  and  available  for  inspection  upon  request  by  a FCC

   (d)  The  operator  on  duty and in charge of transmitting systems, or
   performing  service, maintenance or inspection functions, shall not be
   subject to the requirements of paragraph (b) of this section at a station,
   or stations of one licensee at a single location, at which the operator is
   regularly employed and at which his or her license, or a photocopy, is

   [ 58 FR 9124 , Feb. 19, 1993, as amended at  60 FR 27700 , May 25, 1995]

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