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FCC 51.329
Revised as of October 1, 2008
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  Sec.  51.329   Notice of network changes: Methods for providing notice.

   (a) In providing the required notice to the public of network changes, an
   incumbent LEC may use one of the following methods:

   (1) Filing a public notice with the Commission; or

   (2) Providing public notice through industry fora, industry publications, or
   the carrier's publicly accessible Internet site. If an incumbent LEC uses
   any of the methods specified in paragraph (a)(2) of this section, it also
   must file a certification with the Commission that includes:

   (i) A statement that identifies the proposed changes;

   (ii)  A statement that public notice has been given in compliance with
    Sec.  Sec. 51.325 through 51.335; and

   (iii) A statement identifying the location of the change information and
   describing how this information can be obtained.

   (b) Until the planned change is implemented, an incumbent LEC must keep the
   notice available for public inspection, and amend the notice to keep the
   information complete, accurate and up-to-date.

   (c) Specific filing requirements. Commission filings under this section must
   be made as follows:

   (1) The public notice or certification must be labeled with one of the
   following titles, as appropriate: “Public Notice of Network Change Under
   Rule 51.329(a),” “Certification of Public Notice of Network Change Under
   Rule  51.329(a),”  “Short Term Public Notice Under Rule 51.333(a),” or
   “Certification of Short Term Public Notice Under Rule 51.333(a).”

   (2) Two paper copies of the incumbent LEC's public notice or certification,
   required under paragraph (a) of this section, must be sent to “Secretary,
   Federal Communications Commission, Washington, DC 20554.” The date on which
   this filing is received by the Secretary is considered the official filing

   [ 61 FR 47351 , Sept. 6, 1996, as amended at  67 FR 13225 , Mar. 21, 2002;  71 FR 65750 , Nov. 9, 2006]

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