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FCC 51.335
Revised as of October 1, 2008
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  Sec.  51.335   Notice of network changes: Confidential or proprietary information.

   (a) If an incumbent LEC claims that information otherwise required to be
   disclosed is confidential or proprietary, the incumbent LEC's public notice
   must include, in addition to the information identified in  Sec. 51.327(a), a
   statement that the incumbent LEC will make further information available to
   those signing a nondisclosure agreement.

   (b) Tolling the public notice period. Upon receipt by an incumbent LEC of a
   competing service provider's request for disclosure of confidential or
   proprietary information, the applicable public notice period will be tolled
   until  the parties agree on the terms of a nondisclosure agreement. An
   incumbent LEC receiving such a request must amend its public notice as

   (1) On the date it receives a request from a competing service provider for
   disclosure of confidential or proprietary information, to state that the
   notice period is tolled; and

   (2) On the date the nondisclosure agreement is finalized, to specify a new
   implementation date.

   [ 61 FR 47352 , Sept. 6, 1996]

Subpart E—Exemptions, Suspensions, and Modifications of Requirements of Section
251 of the Act

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