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FCC 15.707
Revised as of October 1, 2009
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  §  15.707   Permissible channels of operation.

   (a) All TVBDs are permitted to operate in the frequency bands 512–608
   MHz and 614–698 MHz, except that in the 13 metropolitan areas listed
   § 90.303(a) of this chapter and nearby areas where private land mobile
   services and commercial land mobile services are authorized by waiver,
   operation of TVBDs is prohibited on the first channel on each side of
   TV channel 37 (608–614 MHz) that is available at all locations within
   the protection range of the coordinates of each such area as set forth
   in § 15.712(d). These channels will be listed in the TV bands database.

   (b) Operation in the bands 54–60 MHz, 76–88 MHz, 174–216 MHz, and
   470–512 MHz is permitted only for fixed TVBDs that communicate only
   with other fixed TVBDs.

   (c) Fixed and Mode II TVBDs shall only operate on available channels as
   determined by the TV bands database and in accordance with the
   interference avoidance mechanisms of § 15.711.

   (d) Mode I TVBDs shall only operate on available channels provided to
   it from a Fixed or Mode II TVBD.

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