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FCC 15.715
Revised as of October 1, 2009
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  §  15.715   TV bands database administrator.

   The Commission will designate one or more entities to administer a TV
   bands database. Each database administrator shall:

   (a) Maintain a database that contains the information described in
   § 15.713.

   (b) Establish a process for acquiring and storing in the database
   necessary and appropriate information from the Commission's databases
   and synchronizing the database with the current Commission databases at
   least once a week to include newly licensed facilities or any changes
   to licensed facilities.

   (c) Establish a process for registering fixed TVBDs and registering and
   including in the database facilities entitled to protection but not
   contained in a Commission database, including cable headends and TV
   translator receiver sites.

   (d) Establish a process for registering facilities where part 74 low
   power auxiliary devices are used on a regular basis.

   (e) Provide lists of available channels to fixed and personal/portable
   TVBDs that submit to it the information required under § 15.713(f) based
   on their geographic location.

   (f) Make its services available to all unlicensed TV band device users
   on a non-discriminatory basis.

   (g) Provide service for a five-year term. This term can be renewed at
   the Commission's discretion.

   (h) Respond in a timely manner to verify, correct and/or remove, as
   appropriate, data in the event that the Commission or a party brings
   claim of inaccuracies in the database to its attention.

   (i) Transfer its database along with the IP addresses and URLs used to
   access the database and list of registered Fixed TVBDs, to another
   designated entity in the event it does not continue as the database
   administrator at the end of its term. It may charge a reasonable price
   for such conveyance.

   (j) The database must have functionality such that upon request from
   the Commission it can indicate that no channels are available when
   queried by a specific TVBD or model of TVBDs.

   (k) If more than one database is developed, the database administrators
   shall cooperate to develop a standardized process for providing on a
   daily basis or more often, as appropriate, the data collected for the
   facilities listed in § 15.713(b)(2) to all other TV bands databases to
   ensure consistency in the records of protected facilities.

   Effective Date Note:   At  74 FR 7326 , Feb. 17, 2009, § 15.715 was added.
   This section contains information collection and recordkeeping
   requirements and will not become effective until approval has been
   given by the Office of Management and Budget.

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