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FCC 11.42
Revised as of October 1, 2010
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  §  11.42   Participation by communications common carriers.

   (a) During activation of the National level EAS, communications common
   carriers which have facilities available in place may, without charge,

   (1) An originating source from the nearest service area to a selected
   Test Center and then to the EAS Participant for the duration of the
   emergency, provided an Emergency Action Notification is issued by the
   White House and the originating source has a local channel from the
   originating point to the nearest service area.

   (2) An independent broadcast station to the radio and television
   broadcast networks and any other EAS Participant provided the station
   has in service a local channel from the station's studio or transmitter
   directly to the broadcast source.

   (b) Upon receipt of the Emergency Action Termination, the common
   carriers shall disconnect the originating source and the participating
   independent stations and restore the networks and other EAS
   Participants to their original configurations.

   (c) During a National level EAS Test, common carriers which have
   facilities in place may, without charge, connect an originating source
   from the nearest exchange to a selected Test Center and then to any EAS
   Participant. Independent stations will not be connected during the test
   unless authorized by the FCC. Upon test termination, EAS Participants
   shall be restored to their original configurations.

   (d) A common carrier rendering free service shall file with the FCC, on
   or before July 31st and January 31st of each year, reports covering the
   six months ending on June 30th and December 31st respectively. These
   reports shall state what free service was rendered under this rule and
   the charges in dollars which would have accrued to the carrier for this
   service if charges had been collected at the published tariff rates if
   such carriers are required to file tariffs.

   [ 59 FR 67092 , Dec. 28, 1994, as amended at  67 FR 18510 , Apr. 16, 2002;
    70 FR 71034 , Nov. 25, 2005]

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