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FCC 11.53
Revised as of October 1, 2010
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  §  11.53   Dissemination of Emergency Action Notification.

   Initiation of the EAN by any one of the following sources is sufficient
   to begin the emergency actions in § 11.54.

   (a) National Level. The EAN is issued by the White House. The EAN
   message is sent from a government origination point to broadcast
   stations and other entities participating in the PEP system. It is then
   disseminated via EAS Participants.

   (1) Radio and television broadcast stations.

   (2) Cable systems and wireless cable systems.

   (3) Other entities voluntarily participating in EAS.

   (b) State level and Local Area levels. EAN dissemination arrangements
   at these levels originate from State and local governments in
   accordance with State and Local Area plans.

   (c) Analog and digital broadcast stations must, prior to commencing
   routine operation or originating any emissions under program test,
   equipment test, experimental, or other authorizations, determine
   whether the EAS has been activated by monitoring the assigned EAS
   sources as specified in their State or Local plan.

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