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FCC 202.0
Revised as of October 1, 2010
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  §  202.0   Objectives.

   (a) During, or in anticipation of, a non-wartime emergency or natural
   disaster, a telecommunications capacity must exist to provide temporary
   telecommunications service to State and local government officials and
   other persons deemed appropriate by the President.

   (b) In the event of a general war and attack upon the Nation, a
   national telecommunications capability must exist that will support
   telecommunications requirements with respect to national security,
   survival and recovery. The development of survivable telecommunications
   to support essential functions (including an emergency broadcasting
   system), and technical compatibility of signaling methods, transmission
   modes, switching facilities, and terminal devices to permit exchange of
   communications over the surviving media of all systems, government or
   commercial, are crucial elements of such a national capability. In
   addition, a survivable national telecommunications management structure
   is necessary to manage initiation, coordination and restoration of
   telecommunications services. The management structure must include the

   (1) Legal authority for telecommunications management.

   (2) A control mechanism to manage the initiation, coordination and
   restoration of telecommunications services.

   (3) Procedures to ensure timely damage assessment and allocation of
   residual resources and controlled restoration of services based on
   national policy/direction.

   (4) The capability to execute a telecommunications recovery plan based
   on national policy/guidance.

   (c) Notwithstanding any provision regarding NS/EP Planning and
   Execution, nothing in this part shall be deemed to affect the
   authorities or responsibilities of the Director of the Office of
   Management and Budget, or any Office or official thereof; or reassign
   any function assigned any agency under the Federal Property and
   Administrative Services Act of 1949, as amended, or under any other
   law, or any function vested by law in the Federal Communications

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Goto Year: 2009 | 2011
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