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FCC 27.1325
Revised as of October 1, 2010
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  §  27.1325   Resolution of disputes after grant of the upper 700 MHz D block

   (a) The Upper 700 MHz D Block licensee, the Operating Company, the
   Network Assets Holder and the Public Safety Broadband Licensee may at
   any time bring a complaint to the Commission based on a claim that
   another party to the NSA has deviated from the terms of the NSA, or a
   petition for a declaratory ruling to resolve the proper interpretation
   of an NSA term or provision. The Commission also may at any time, on
   its own motion, determine to address any material breach or interpret
   any NSA term or provision.

   (b) The Commission shall have primary responsibility and jurisdiction
   for adjudicating disputes that arise following execution of the NSA.
   The Commission may, however, require the parties to first seek a
   settlement to the dispute or authorize the parties to resolve the
   dispute through litigation or other means. Breach of license terms, the
   NSA, or the Commission's rules may result in cancellation of the Upper
   700 MHz D Block license, the Public Safety Broadband License, or both.

   (c) The Chiefs of the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau and
   the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau are delegated joint
   responsibility for adjudicating disputes.

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