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FCC 5.111
Revised as of October 1, 2010
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  §  5.111   General limitations on use.

   (a) The following transmission limitations are applicable to all
   classes of stations in the Experimental Radio Service:

   (1) Stations may make only such transmissions as are necessary and
   directly related to the conduct of the licensee's stated program of
   experimentation as specified in the application for license and the
   related station instrument of authorization, and as governed by the
   provisions of the rules and regulations contained in this part. All
   transmissions shall be limited to the minimum practical transmission

   (2) When transmitting, the licensee must use every precaution to ensure
   that the radio frequency energy emitted will not cause harmful
   interference to the services carried on by stations operating in
   accordance with the Table of Frequency Allocations of part 2 of this
   chapter and, further, that the power radiated is reduced to the lowest
   practical value consistent with the program of experimentation for
   which the station authorization is granted. If harmful interference to
   an established radio service develops, the licensee shall cease
   transmissions and such transmissions shall not be resumed until it is
   certain that harmful interference will not be caused.

   (b) If experimental stations are to be used to retransmit signals of
   any other station or to render any communications service to third
   parties, a full disclosure of this must be made in the application for

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