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FCC 5.59
Revised as of October 1, 2010
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  §  5.59   Forms to be used.

   (a) Application for experimental radio license. Entities requesting an
   experimental authorization must submit FCC Form 442 (application). A
   single FCC Form 442 may be used for several radio components of an
   experimental program, however, unrelated experimental programs should
   be filed on separate applications.

   (b) Application for modification of experimental license. An
   application for modification of experimental authorization shall be
   submitted on FCC Form 442. A blanket application may be submitted for
   modification of a group of authorizations of the same class as long as
   the scope of the modifications are specified in the application. The
   individual authorizations covered by such an application shall be
   clearly identified therein. However, application for modification to
   change location of an experimental authorization shall be filed as a
   separate application.

   (c) Application for renewal of experimental authorization. Application
   for renewal of station license shall be submitted on FCC Form 405. A
   blanket application may be submitted for renewal of a group of station
   licenses in the same class in those cases in which the renewal
   requested is in exact accordance with the terms of the existing
   authorizations. The individual stations covered by such applications
   shall be clearly identified thereon. Unless otherwise directed by the
   Commission, each application for renewal of license shall be filed at
   least 60 days prior to the expiration date of the license to be

   (d) Application for consent to assign an experimental authorization.
   Application on FCC Form 702 shall be submitted when the legal right to
   control the use and operation of a station is to be transferred as a
   result of a voluntary act (contract or other agreement) or an
   involuntary act (death or legal disability) of the grantee of a station
   authorization or by involuntary assignment of the physical property
   constituting the station under a court decree in bankruptcy
   proceedings, or other court order, or by operation of law in any other
   manner. Such application must be accompanied by the FCC Form 442 of
   which only the certification need be signed by the proposed assignee.
   No other information is required to be submitted on this form.

   (e) Application for consent to transfer control of Corporation holding
   experimental authorization. Application for consent to transfer control
   shall be submitted on FCC Form 703 whenever it is proposed to change
   the control of a corporation holding a station authorization.

   [ 63 FR 64202 , Nov. 19, 1998;  64 FR 43095 , Aug. 9, 1999]

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