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FCC 5.61
Revised as of October 1, 2010
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  §  5.61   Procedure for obtaining a special temporary authorization.

   (a) The Commission may issue a special temporary authorization under
   this part in cases in which a need is shown for operation of a station
   for six months or less, provided such operation is not in conflict with
   the Commission's rules in this part. In cases in which an applicant
   sets forth compelling reasons why a special temporary authorization
   must be granted expeditiously, preference will be given to processing
   the application.

   (b) Extensions of a special temporary authorization will be granted
   provided that an application for a regular experimental license has
   been filed at least 15 days prior to the expiration of the licensee's
   temporary authority. When such an application is timely filed,
   operations may continue in accordance with the other terms and
   conditions of the temporary authority pending disposition of the
   application, unless the applicant is notified otherwise by the

   (c) An application for special temporary authorization shall be filed
   electronically through the Office of Engineering and Technology Web
   site effective
   January 1, 2004 and shall contain the following information:

   (1) Name, address, phone number (also e-mail address and facsimile
   number, if available) of the applicant.

   (2) Description of why an STA is needed.

   (3) Description of the operation to be conducted and its purpose.

   (4) Time and dates of proposed operation.

   (5) Class(es) of station (fixed, mobile, fixed and mobile) and call
   sign of station (if applicable).

   (6) Description of the location(s) and, if applicable, geographical
   coordinates of the proposed operation.

   (7) Equipment to be used, including name of manufacturer, model and
   number of units.

   (8) Frequency(ies) desired.

   (9) Maximum effective radiated power (ERP) or equivalent isotrophically
   radiated power (EIRP).

   (10) Emission designator (see § 2.201 of this chapter) or describe
   emission (bandwidth, modulation, etc.)

   (11) Overall height of antenna structure above the ground (if greater
   than 6 meters above the ground or an existing structure, see part 17 of
   this Chapter concerning notification to the FAA).

   [ 63 FR 64202 , Nov. 19, 1998;  64 FR 43095 , Aug. 9, 1999, as amended at
    68 FR 59336 , Oct. 15, 2003]

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