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FCC 95.1217
Revised as of October 1, 2010
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  §  95.1217   Labeling requirements.

   (a) MedRadio programmer/control transmitters shall be labeled as
   provided in part 2 of this chapter and shall bear the following
   statement in a conspicuous location on the device:

   "This device may not interfere with stations operating in the
   400.150-406.000 MHz band in the Meteorological Aids, Meteorological
   Satellite, and Earth Exploration Satellite Services and must accept any
   interference received, including interference that may cause undesired

   The statement may be placed in the instruction manual for the
   transmitter where it is not feasible to place the statement on the

   (b) Where a MedRadio programmer/control transmitter is constructed in
   two or more sections connected by wire and marketed together, the
   statement specified in this section is required to be affixed only to
   the main control unit.

   (c) MedRadio transmitters shall be identified with a serial number. The
   FCC ID number associated with a medical implant transmitter and the
   information required by § 2.925 of this chapter may be placed in the
   instruction manual for the transmitter and on the shipping container
   for the transmitter, in lieu of being placed directly on the

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Goto Year: 2009 | 2011
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