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FCC 95.402
Revised as of October 1, 2010
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  §  95.402   (CB Rule 2) How do I use these rules?

   (a) You must comply with these rules (See CB Rule 21 § 95.421, for the
   penalties for violations) when you operate a station in the CB Service

   (1) Within or over the territorial limits of places where radio
   services are regulated by the FCC (see CB Rule 5, § 95.405);

   (2) Aboard any vessel or aircraft registered in the United States; or

   (3) Aboard any unregistered vessel or aircraft owned or operated by a
   United States citizen or company.

   (b) Your CB station must comply with technical rules found in subpart E
   of part 95.

   (c) Where the rules use the word "you", "you" means a person operating
   a CB station.

   (d) Where the rules use the word "person," the rules are concerned with
   an individual, a corporation, a partnership, an association, a joint
   stock company, a trust, a state, territorial or local government unit,
   or other legal entity.

   (e) Where the rules use the term "FCC", that means the Federal
   Communications Commission.

   (f) Where the rules use the term "CB station", that means a radio
   station transmitting in the CB Radio Service.

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