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FCC 95.413
Revised as of October 1, 2011
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  §  95.413   (CB Rule 13) What communications are prohibited?

   (a) You must not use a CB station--

   (1) In connection with any activity which is against federal, state or
   local law;

   (2) To transmit obscence, indecent or profane words, language or

   (3) To interfere intentionally with the communications of another CB

   (4) To transmit one-way communications, except for emergency
   communications, traveler assistance, brief tests (radio checks), or
   voice paging;

   (5) To advertise or solicit the sale of any goods or services;

   (6) To transmit music, whistling, sound effects or any material to
   amuse or entertain;

   (7) To transmit any sound effect solely to attract attention;

   (8) To transmit the word "MAYDAY" or any other international distress
   signal, except when your station is located in a ship, aircraft or
   other vehicle which is threatened by grave and imminent danger and your
   are requesting immediate assistance;

   (9) To communicate with, or attempt to communicate with, any CB station
   more than 250 kilometers (155.3 miles) away;

   (10) To advertise a political candidate or political campaign; (you may
   use your CB radio for the business or organizational aspects of a
   campaign, if you follow all other applicable rules);

   (11) To communicate with stations in other countries, except General
   Radio Service stations in Canada; or

   (12) To transmit a false or deceptive communication.

   (b) You must not use a CB station to transmit communications for live
   or delayed rebroadcast on a radio or television broadcast station. You
   may use your CB station to gather news items or to prepare programs.

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