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FCC 95.669
Revised as of October 1, 2011
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  §  95.669   External controls.

   (a) Only the following external transmitter controls, connections or
   devices will normally be permitted in a CB transmitter:

   (1) Primary power connection. (Circuitry or devices such as rectifiers,
   transformers, or inverters which provide the nominal rated transmitter
   primary supply voltage may be used without voiding the transmitter

   (2) Microphone connection.

   (3) Antenna terminals.

   (4) Audio frequency power amplifier output connector and selector

   (5) On-off switch for primary power to transmitter. This switch may be
   combined with receiver controls such as the receiver on-off switch and
   volume control.

   (6) Upper/lower sideband selector switch (for a transmitter that
   transmits emission type H3E, J3E or R3E).

   (7) Carrier level selector control (for a transmitter that transmits
   emission type H3E, J3E or R3E.) This control may be combined with the
   sideband selector switch.

   (8) Channel frequency selector switch.

   (9) Transmit/receive selector switch.

   (10) Meter(s) and selector switch(es) for monitoring transmitter

   (11) Pilot lamp(s) or meter(s) to indicate the presence of RF output
   power or that the transmitter control circuits are activated to

   (b) The FCC may authorize additional controls, connections or devices
   after considering the functions to be performed by such additions.

   [ 53 FR 36789 , Sept. 22, 1988. Redesignated at  61 FR 28769 , June 6,
   1996, and further redesignated at  61 FR 46567 , Sept. 4, 1996;  63 FR 36611 , July 7, 1998]

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