Table of Parts

   Extensions and Supplements
   §  63.01   Authority for all domestic common carriers.
   §  63.02   Exemptions for extensions of lines and for systems for the
   delivery of video programming.
   §  63.03   Streamlining procedures for domestic transfer of control
   §  63.04   Filing procedures for domestic transfer of control
   §  63.09   Definitions applicable to international Section 214
   §  63.10   Regulatory classification of U.S. international carriers.
   §  63.11   Notification by and prior approval for U.S. international
   carriers that are or propose to become affiliated with a foreign
   §  63.12   Processing of international Section 214 applications.
   §  63.13   Procedures for modifying regulatory classification of U.S.
   international carriers from dominant to non-dominant.
   §  63.14   Prohibition on agreeing to accept special concessions.
   §  63.17   Special provisions for U.S. international common carriers.
   §  63.18