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FCC 95.29
Revised as of December 4, 2012
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  §  95.29   Channels available.

   (a) For a base station, fixed station, mobile station, or repeater
   station (a GMRS station that simultaneously retransmits the
   transmission of another GMRS station on a different channel or
   channels), the licensee of the GMRS system must select the transmitting
   channels or channel pairs ( see §  95.7(a) of this part) for the
   stations in the GMRS system from the following 462 MHz channels:

   462.5500, 462.5750, 462.6000, 462.6250, 462.6500, 462.6750, 462.7000
   and 462.7250.

   (b) For a mobile station, control station, or fixed station operated in
   the duplex mode, the following 467 MHz channels may be used only to
   transmit communications through a repeater station and for remotely
   controlling a repeater station. The licensee of the GMRS system must
   select the transmitting channels or channel pairs ( see §  95.7(a) of
   this part) for the stations operated in the duplex mode, from the
   following 467 MHz channels:

   467.5500, 467.5750, 467.6000, 467.6250, 467.6500, 467.6750, 467.7000
   and 467.7250.

   (c)-(e) [Reserved]

   (f) Except for a GMRS system licensed to a non-individual, a mobile
   station or a small base station operating in the simplex mode may
   transmit on the following 462 MHz interstitial channels:

   462.5625, 462.5875, 462.6125, 462,6375, 462.6625, 462.6875 and

   These channels may be used only under the following conditions:

   (1) Only voice type emissions may be transmitted;

   (2) The station does not transmit one-way pages; and

   (3) The station transmits with no more than 5 watts ERP.

   (g) Fixed stations in GMRS systems authorized before March 18, 1968,
   located 160 kilometers (100 miles) or more from the geographic center
   of urbanized areas f 200,000 or more population as defined in the U.S.
   Census of Population, 1960, Vol. 1, Table 23, page 50 that were
   authorized to transmit on channels other than those listed in this
   section may continue to transmit on their originally assigned channels
   provided that they cause no interference to the operation of stations
   in any of the part 90 private land mobile radio services.

   [ 53 FR 47715 , Nov. 25, 1988, as amended at  63 FR 68974 , Dec. 14, 1998;
    64 FR 53241 , Oct. 1, 1999]

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