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FCC 95.411
Revised as of December 4, 2012
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  §  95.411   (CB Rule 11) May I use power amplifiers?

   (a) You may not attach the following items (power amplifiers) to your
   certificated CB transmitter in any way:

   (1) External radio frequency (RF) power amplifiers (sometimes called
   linears or linear amplifiers); or

   (2) Any other devices which, when used with a radio transmitter as a
   signal source, are capable of amplifying the signal.

   (b) There are no exceptions to this rule and use of a power amplifier
   voids your authority to operate the station.

   (c) The FCC will presume you have used a linear or other external RF
   power amplifier if—

   (1) It is in your possession or on your premises; and

   (2) There is other evidence that you have operated your CB station with
   more power than allowed by CB Rule 10, §  95.410.

   (d) Paragraph (c) of this section does not apply if you hold a license
   in another radio service which allows you to operate an external RF
   power amplifier.

   [ 48 FR 24894 , June 3, 1983, as amended at  63 FR 36610 , July 7, 1998]

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