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FCC 25.172
Revised as of October 2, 2015
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  § 25.172   Requirements for reporting space station control arrangements.

   (a) The operator of any space station licensed by the Commission or granted
   U.S. market access must file the following information with the Commission
   prior to commencing operation with the space station, or, in the case of a
   non-U.S.-licensed space station, prior to commencing operation with U.S.
   earth stations.

   (1) The information required by § 25.170(b).

   (2) The call signs of any telemetry, tracking, and command earth station(s)
   communicating with the space station from any site in the United States.

   (3) The location, by city and country, of any telemetry, tracking, and
   command earth station that communicates with the space station from any
   point outside the United States.

   (4) Alternatively, instead of listing the call signs and/or locations of
   earth stations currently used for telemetry, tracking, and command, the
   space station operator may provide 24/7 contact information for a satellite
   control center and a list of the call signs of any U.S. earth stations, and
   the locations of any non-U.S. earth stations, that are used or may be used
   for telemetry, tracking, and command communication with the space station(s)
   in question.

   (b) The information required by paragraph (a) of this section must be filed
   electronically  in the Commission's International Bureau Filing System
   (IBFS),  in  the  “Other  Filings”  tab of the space station's current
   authorization file. If call sign or location information provided pursuant
   to  paragraph  (a)  of this section becomes invalid due to a change of
   circumstances, the space station operator must file updated information in
   the same manner within 30 days, except with respect to changes less than 30
   days in duration, for which no update is necessary.

   [ 79 FR 8321 , Feb. 12, 2014]

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