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FCC 53.201
Revised as of October 2, 2015
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  § 53.201   Services for which a section 272 affiliate is required.

   For the purposes of applying section 272(a)(2) of the Act:

   (a) Previously authorized activities. When providing previously authorized
   activities described in section 271(f) of the Act, a BOC shall comply with
   the following:

   (1) A BOC shall provide previously authorized interLATA information services
   and manufacturing activities through a section 272 affiliate no later than
   February 8, 1997.

   (2) A BOC shall provide previously authorized interLATA telecommunications
   services in accordance with the terms and conditions of the orders entered
   by the United States District Court for the District of Columbia pursuant to
   section VII or VIII(C) of the AT&T Consent Decree that authorized such

   (b)  InterLATA  information services. A BOC shall provide an interLATA
   information service through a section 272 affiliate when it provides the
   interLATA telecommunications transmission component of the service either
   over its own facilities, or by reselling the interLATA telecommunications
   services of an interexchange provider.

   (c)  Out-of-region interLATA information services. A BOC shall provide
   out-of-region  interLATA  information  services  through a section 272

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