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FCC 64.2107
Revised as of October 1, 2019
Goto Year:2018 | 2020
  § 64.2107   Reduced recording and retention requirements for qualifying
providers under the Safe Harbor.

   (a)(1) A covered provider may reduce its recording and retention
   requirements under § 64.2103 if it files one of the following
   certifications, signed by an officer or director of the covered
   provider regarding the accuracy and completeness of the information
   provided, in WC Docket No. 13-39.

   I ___ (name), ___ (title), an officer of ___ (entity), certify that___
   (entity) uses no intermediate providers;


   I ___ (name), ___ (title), an officer of ___ (entity), certify that___
   (entity) restricts by contract any intermediate provider to which a
   call is directed by ___ (entity) from permitting more than one
   additional intermediate provider in the call path before the call
   reaches the terminating provider or terminating tandem. I certify that
   any nondisclosure agreement with an intermediate provider permits ___
   (entity) to reveal the identity of the intermediate provider and any
   additional intermediate provider to the Commission and to the rural
   incumbent local exchange carrier(s) whose incoming long-distance calls
   are affected by the intermediate provider's performance. I certify that
   ___ (entity) has a process in place to monitor the performance of its
   intermediate providers.

   (2) Covered providers that file the second certification must describe
   the process they have in place to monitor the performance of their
   intermediate providers.

   (b) A covered provider that meets the requirements described in
   paragraph (a) of this section must comply with the data retention
   requirements in § 64.2103 for a period that includes only the three most
   recent complete calendar months, so long as it continues to meet the
   requirements of paragraph (a) of this section. A covered provider that
   ceases to meet the requirements described in paragraph (a) of this must
   immediately begin retaining data for six months, as required by
   § 64.2103.

   (c) Affiliated covered providers may meet the requirements of paragraph
   (a) of this section individually or in the aggregate.

   (d) The provisions of this section shall expire on September 15, 2020.

   [ 78 FR 76239 , Dec. 17, 2013, as amended at  80 FR 11594 , Mar. 4, 2015;
    82 FR 19615 , Apr. 28, 2017;  83 FR 21737 , May 10, 2018;  84 FR 25706 ,
   June, 4, 2019]

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