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FCC 73.6013
Revised as of October 1, 2020
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  §  73.6013   Protection of DTV stations.

   Class A TV stations must protect the DTV service that would be provided
   by the facilities specified in the DTV Table of Allotments in § 73.622
   of this part, by authorized DTV stations and by applications that
   propose to expand DTV stations' allotted or authorized coverage contour
   in any direction, if such applications either were filed before
   December 31, 1999 or were filed between December 31, 1999 and May 1,
   2000 by a DTV station licensee or permittee that had notified the
   Commission of its intent to "maximize" by December 31, 1999. Protection
   of these allotments, stations and applications must be based on not
   causing predicted interference within the service area described in
   § 73.622(e) of this part. The interference analysis is based on the
   methods described in § 73.623(c)(2) through (c)(4) of this part, except
   that a Class A TV station must not cause a loss of service to 0.5
   percent or more of the population predicted to receive service from the
   DTV allotment, station or application. An application to change the
   facilities of an existing Class A TV station will not be accepted if it
   fails to protect these DTV allotments, stations and applications in
   accordance with this section.


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